Davao Wedding Reception Packages – Part 2

please note that their packages changes without prior notice, it is best to contact these hotels and function halls for their prices. Thanks

There are still many hotels and function plazas that needs to ask about their wedding reception packages. And not all places here in Davao had it posted on the net; it’s either you have to call them or email them so that you can get the info you needed. I think it would be great  if I can get them altogether in one site so that I can help in any way I can.

On my last post Davao Wedding Reception Packages under Weddings, I have listed 4 places with their packages. I have included the inclusions of their packages and posted few photos and screen shots. Now, I am going to list few more.

1. Tulip Grand Plaza

I have been here several times. It was more popularly known to me as the Buffet Palace, since they are just in one place and are more likely linked to one another. I even had a difficult time searching for the Buffet Palace wedding package and later realize that the function hall itself has a different name (good thing I remembered! LOL).

Tulip Grand Plaza is a sister company of the Davao Convention and Trade Center. Their ballroom sizes are as follows:

  •  464 square meters (Grand Ballroom)
  • Ballroom A – 160 square meters
  • Ballroom B – 240 square meters
  • VIP Room – 64 square meters

It is Located at Mc Arthur Highway cor. Tulip Drive, Matina Davao City, telefax: (082) 297-4168. Email Address: tulipgrandplaza@yahoo.com 

2. Jack’s Ridge Resort

I’ve been to Jack’s Ridge several times, this place is somewhat memorable. I’ve been here with my friends to eat and most of the time just to enjoy the relaxing place. I haven’t attended any wedding here but I think it’s really a good place for a special event. Below is a screenshot of their package inclusions:

They have different cuisine which you can choose from and each cuisine have different prices:

  • Asian – P 580.00/ head
  • Western – P680.00 / head
  • Filipino – P800.00/ head

If you want buffet, here’s their prices:

Wedding Reception Package Buffet Menu 1

    • P 44,000.00
    • Minimum of 100 guests
    • In excess P 330.00/head

Wedding Reception Package Buffet Menu 2

    • P 50,000.00
    • Minimum of 100 guests
    • In excess P 380.00/head

If you choose to have the wedding ceremony held in Jack’s Ridge, their package are as follows:

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Package Buffet Menu 1

    • P 48,000.00
    • In excess P 330.00/head

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Package Buffet Menu 2

    • P 54,000.00
    • In excess P 380.00/head

Photos of their Penmarhall 1 & 2 

(courtesy of their website, visit hyperlinked above)

For more details, you may visit Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant at Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City with telephone numbers 63.82.2978830 to 31 and fax number 63.82.2976535; you can also email them at info@jacksridgedavao.com.

3. BS Inn Hotel and Restaurant

I haven’t attended any event here but I’m aware that they are affordable and can deliver really good. Their packages are as follows:

Package 1 

  • For Minimum 100 guests Php 26,500.00
    • excess of 100 guests at 195.00/head

Package 2

  • For 100 guests Php 28,000.00
    • excess of 100 guests at Php 195.00/head

Package 3

  • For 100 guests Php 29,000.00
    • excess of 100 guests at Php 215.00/head

Package 4

  • For 100 guests Php 30,000.00
    • excess of 100 guests at Php 215.00/head

Package 5

  • For 50 guests Php 19,000.00
    • excess of 50 guests at Php 195.00/head

Below is a photo of their roof garden (courtesy of their multiply site)

For more details, you can visit BS Inn Hotel and Restaurant at Gempesaw Street corner Monteverde Avenue, Davao City or contact them at telephone number 221 – 3980 to 84. 

4. Kuya Ed Bahay Kainan

I couldn’t remember the last time I went here, with all the sprouting buffets, I haven’t visited them all. As I remember Kuya Ed’s was one of the buffet places which has an affordable price. Remember their eat all you can at P99? Busog!

For as low as Php 15, 000.00 their wedding Elite Package includes:

    • Delicious menu for 50 persons
      • 5 main course dishes,
      • salads and pastries,
      • fresh fruits,
      • bottomless iced tea
    • Wedding cake
    • Personalized Wedding Souvenirs
    • Bottle of wine
    • Personalized Tarpauline
    • Personalized Guestbook
    • Elegant venue decoration
      • Floral arc
      • Fresh flower centerpieces
    • Full linen and seat covers

For a minimum of 100 guests, package would be Php 23, 500.00

For more details, please visit Kuya Ed Bahay Kainan at A. Pichon Street (formerly Magallanes), Davao City daily at 110:00 am – 2:00 pm/ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm. With telephone numbers (63 82) 224 2162.

5. Chippens Garden

I visited and dined at Chippens once or several times before. Their foods are a deli-sh! And for their wedding packages, here are the screen shots:

Here is their Promotional Wedding Package: (visit the link for more details e.g. inclusives)

Sunflower Package

Calla Lily Package

They also have Catering Services for other locations or venues. Their Package  starts at Php 53, 000.00 with inclusive of:

    • Floral Arrangement for Couple, Presidential and Buffet Tables
    • Floral Centerpiece for Guest Tables
    • One Bottle of Wine for Toasting
    • Decorated Bell or Balloon with Candies & Coins
    • Pair of Doves
    • Guestbook
    • Place Cards and Menu Cards
    • Wedding Host/Emcee
    • DJ/Spinner
    • LCD Projector & Widescreen
    • Buffet includes: Soup, Appetizers, 4 Salads, 7 Main Courses, Steamed Rice, 5 Desserts.

Located at Cabantian, Buhangin Davao City, you may also contact them at 0908 947 1124.

I would love to list them all in one post but then again, it would also be good to have them separated. Till next time. ^_^

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14 comments on “Davao Wedding Reception Packages – Part 2

  1. If you want to add a Davao City hotel, please contact me. As for Davao City resorts that offer wedding reception packages, I’ll make a separate post about them.

  2. i want to thank you for this informative read, i really appreciate sharing your post.

  3. how about davao convention centre?thanks

  4. any idea where to rentfor the gown and for the abay, invitation card?

    • Hi Tess, thank you for dropping by. Here in Davao, there are a lot of dress shops which allow first time users for the bride or even abays. They will get your fittings and let you use it on your wedding then return it thereafter. Wedding Channel is one, if you can visit Quirino street, you can see a lot of wedding shops there with gowns either for rent or sale. Meron din sa Ecoland going to Boulevard, marami dun. For the invitation, you can visit fronting UM Bolton for cheap invitation cards; just go there sa area where you can see lots of photocopiers and you’ll see people making invitations even giveaways.

  5. This site will help me search for the reception. Anyway, just want to ask if you know someone in Davao City knows how to engrave like chopstick?

    If you have an idea let me know

    • Thank you for dropping by.. this is actually the first time I’ve heard of it.. but if by chance I’ll get to know some friends who knows something about it, I’ll surely get back to you..

  6. Hi Shyr, I love your website. I’m out of the country and I’m planning to wed in Davao City. Imagine how hard it is to organize without hiring a wedding coordinator. Right now I’m in the stage of looking for the right wedding reception venue. My wife wants to have a dance party immediately after eating. Did you hear any venue that does this? I’m looking at Kuya Ed’s, do you think they are capable of providing dance party after eating? Thanks and kudos to your site!


    • Hi jing, thank you for dropping by. I apologize for not being able to update my site. If dancing is what you want, there are many other venues you can choose from. The Venue in Magtuod, Maa is one great place.

  7. hi thank u for posting this blog it helped me a lot trying to help my friend find a cheap reception place for her wedding on december,thanks and Godbless

    • You’re welcome. I’m happy I am able to help. I strongly suggest to try to contact them, since most of the screenshots were taken few years ago and I assume a lot has changed since then. Perhaps aside from the prices, a far better inclusion of their services, additional room and etc.. Good luck and Go figure! :-)

  8. Very informative..thank you for this..thumbs up .God bless

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